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Wine Spectator: Busted

I like the Wine Spectator. It’s a good magazine that has a lot of very serious wine experts and journalists on staff. However, some of them are probably pretty ticked off at the business side this week because it recently came to light in the blog Oste… Continue reading

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Hermes’ $490 Plush Toy. C’est Ridicule!

Just what to give a spoiled brat.

Like many people, I thought the over-the-top conspicuous consumption that defined the last few years was over. In the wake of our sinking economy, even the wealthy are learning to draw in their horns and keep a more … Continue reading

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The Affluence Myth

Great column today by Geoff Colvin at Fortune. In it he writes that the “standard-of-living bubble” may be about to pop. The reason? That in the wake of the housing bust–and all the other pain the global economy has been subjected to–the next shoe is… Continue reading

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Saks’ Stumble No Surprise

Saks (SKS) just reported a wider second quarter loss. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I am not surprised. No, not because the U.S. economy is shrinking and the dollar is getting sand kicked on it by a pumped-up euro. The reason is that … Continue reading

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Estee Lauder Benefits From Weak Dollar

Like nearly every other U.S.-based luxury goods company Estee Lauder (EL) is benefiting from a weak dollar and strong overseas sales. The New York cosmetics company announced Thursday that profits rose 36% in the fiscal fourth quarter, topping Wall Str… Continue reading

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