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Custom Luxury Car Interiors

A while ago we told you about customizing your private jet, but what about something you use every day like your car? For about the price of a brand new …Continue reading » Continue reading

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Crocodile Skin Umbrella

If you live in a place that is particularly rainy I would consider getting yourself a high quality umbrella, made of, you guessed it crocodile skin. Crocodile skin is surprisingly …Continue reading » Continue reading

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Luis Vuitton Skateboard

When your child comes and asks you for a skateboard for Christmas or their birthday please don’t forget to consider the Louis Vuitton skateboard. I know what you’re thinking why …Continue reading » Continue reading

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Personalized Olive Oil

Pioneering Greek luxury food & beverage Speiron Co. has created the first personalized olive oil. Three years after the launch of λ (lambda) ultra premium olive oil in 2007 which …Continue reading » Continue reading

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10 Terrific Jobs For The Purse Lover

We’ve done the dirty work and hunted down some of the hottest jobs currently available for those of you who love, love, love purses! After all, there is no better way than to spend your work day surrounded by your favorite thing, your joy, your passion. These jobs are all as fabulous as your sense [...] Continue reading

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Diamond Earbuds

Is your favorite singer Neil Diamond? If so you’ll need some diamond-studded earbuds to listen to his tunes. When listening to music on your new luxury iPhone you should purchase …Continue reading » Continue reading

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