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Aston Martin One-77 – The Daddy of New Supercars?

This article was produced on behalf of Car Finance 247 – specialists in providing car finance advice throughout the UK. If you’re British, Aston Martin is pretty much the only …Continue reading » Continue reading

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Miracle Hair Brush

Going bald is not fun. It’s one of those things that happens slowly, you see your hair falling out in a way that is almost unnoticeable until you look in …Continue reading » Continue reading

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Back to School

If like me, you get major career envy every time you watch Jennifer Lopez meticulously organise Dr Steve and his fiancé Fran’s dream wedding in the Wedding Planner, then now may be the time to consider a change of profession. May 2011 sees the launch of the Mark Niemierko Academy , aiming to whip would-be [...] Continue reading

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Paris: Fall 2011 Collections, Part 2

Lucinda Chambers, Tamu McPherson, and Alana Zimmer take a break from their busy fashion week schedules to talk style.

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the $221 Million Apartment

I’ve heard of homes costing millions of dollars, maybe $5 miliion, $10 million, or even $20 million. Then there is also that rare house that might cost a lot more …Continue reading » Continue reading

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Most Expensive Metal

The most popular precious metals are gold and silver. While gold isn’t very cheap, it seems like a bargain in comparison to the world’s most expensive precious metal that sells …Continue reading » Continue reading

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Diamond Wedding Cake

A typical wedding cake will cost you somewhere in the neighborhod of about $3-$5 a person. Say you have 200 people thats about $600-$1000, which seems a little pricey for …Continue reading » Continue reading

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Imperial Majesty Perfume

I consider expensive perfume to be about $100-$200 a bottle, after seeing this bottle I think that well maybe that isn’t such a bad price. Would you pay almost $500,000 …Continue reading » Continue reading

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Millionaire Matchmaker

When you’re busy making millions, sometimes other important aspects of life go by the wayside. A perfect example is finding a suitable mate to share your vast wealth with. Now …Continue reading » Continue reading

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Viktor & Rolf

New to Harvey Nichols, the Spring/Summer 2011 Viktor & Rolf Monsieur collection is inspired by shadows cast by the sun and artificial lighting on film sets. Continue reading

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